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Organizational Structure

Organizational Structure

  • Research Planning & Coordination Group
    Research Planning & Coordination Group

    Plans and coordinates research programs and projects

    International and external affairs

    Coordinates progress and evaluates the performance of research projects

    Administration of contractual research projects

    Facilitates cooperation with related organizations and promotes public relations

  • Research Group for Taxation
    Research Group for Taxation

    Tax Policy

    Individual Income Taxation

    Corporate Income Taxation

    International Taxation

    Property Taxation

    Consumption Taxation

    Customs Duties

    Local Taxes and Public Finance

    Tax Administration, etc.

    Center for Tax Law & Administration

    Research and Analysis of Tax Laws

    Policy Briefs on Current Taxation Issues

    Research and Analysis of Tax Administration and Accounting

    BEPS Actions

    Center for Performance Evaluation of Tax Expenditures

    Research on performance evaluation system in Korea

    Operational support to Comprehensive Studies of tax expenditures

    AHP analysis in Preliminary Feasibility Studies

    Evaluates self-assessment of tax expenditures

    Maintains DB for performance evaluation results

    Education program for self-assessment of tax expenditures

    Center for Tax Modeling and Panel Analysis

    Tax revenue Forecasting

    Microsimulation Modeling

    National Survey of Tax and Benefit(NaSTaB)

  • Research Group for Fiscal Policies
    Research Group for Fiscal Policies

    Budget System and Fiscal Policy

    Expenditure Policy on Inter-Korean Economic Cooperation and Reunification Policy

    Intergovernmental Fiscal Relations

    Center for Fiscal Analysis

    Analysis of Public Finance Systems

    Revenue Analysis

    Expenditure Analysis

    Analysis on Budgetary Issues

    Estimations of Medium-term Mandatory Spending

    Research on Budget Bills

    Center for Long-Term Fiscal Project

    Long-term fiscal Projections

    Fiscal forecasting and fiscal balance analysis

    Tax revenue forecasting and development of tax forecasting models

    Analysis of the macroeconomic effects of fiscal policy

    Analysis of macroeconomic trends

    PEMNA Center

    PEMNA Secretariat Operations

    International PFM Research Support

    International PFM Advising

  • Center for Performance Evaluation and Management
    RCenter for Performance Evaluation and Management

    Operating curriculum of performance management and educational contents development

    Overseas training and developing education programs through cooperationg with foreign education research institutions

    Over-all research on performance management system and performance management in other countries

    Research on development direction over performance management system in Korea

    Operational support to self-assessment of budgetary programs and government performence evaluation

    Accomplishment of in-depth evaluation of budgetary program

  • Research Center for State-Owned Entities
    Research Center for State-Owned Entities

    Policy analysis on public organizations

    Research on public organizations and industrial economics

    Research on performance evaluations of public organizations

    Establishing database for public organizations

    Management of evaluation system for public organizations

  • The Government Accounting and Finance Statistics Center
    The Government Accounting and Finance Statistics Center

    Set up a high-quality national accounting system based on accrual accountiong

    Improve the effective use of accrual financial information

    Deal with changes in the domestic and foreign accounting environment