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  • Publications
    Publications images Our detailed research and analyses are published in various forms, including books, research papers, policy papers, issue papers and policy reference manuals. KIPF also issues a periodical, Public Finance Forum, on tax and public policy issues. We publish the monthly Fiscal Bulletin that deals with major issues and trends associated with taxes and government expenditures. Periodicals also include Surveys on tax systems and tax administration, on fiscal systems, and on SOEs.
  • Policy Discussions and Consultation
    To support a sound bases for making better tax and fiscal policies, KIPF organizes various policy discussions and consultation meetings attended by policy makers, scholars, experts, and citizens. Opinions raised during these meetings are reflected in the ensuing stages of policy formulation.
    Publications images
  • Domestic and International Research Cooperation
    Domestic and International Research Cooperation images1 Domestic and International Research Cooperation images2 Domestic and International Research Cooperation images3 KIPF has established a solid base for joint research projects and close cooperation with fiscal and financial institutions such as the IMF, OECD, and the World Bank. KIPF is also a regular participant in the meetings of IIPF, IFA, US National Tax Associations and Korean-American Economic Association. KIPF maintains a close relationship with a number of economic societies, research institutes and economic organizations in both Korea and abroad
  • Training Tax Officials
    For the more effective production and utilization of performance information, we provide training courses in performance and results to public servants for professional development. An international training program in the partnership with the Korea International Cooperation Agency (KOICA) is offered to tax officials from developing countries. Education and training are also offered to national and local tax officials.
  • Information and Data Service Center
    KIPF Information and Data Service Center has been upgraded to improve support for research activities. A database system on tax and public finance has enabled us to usage the collection and data analysis and management of reference materials more effectively. The KIPF Information and Data Service Center is equipped with computer systems for the optimal utilization and information sharing with domestic and international organizations.